Me and The Girl went on holiday to the Greek island Samos. We stayed at a nice apartment with a beautiful ocean view.
Although the holiday was mainly about relaxing, there are still some workouts to be done.

Our place was on a small hill between Votsalakia and MarathoKampos. The goal was a 45 minute run at higher pace. So I opted for a simple one way and back route. Especially since Votsalakia consists of a big main road, as you can see on the map below.


The first part is easy, a nice downhill with some hairpin turns. Within the first few 100 meters you would drop around 50 meters. A tough section to top off the training for today when I get back.


Not long after you encounter the first structure of the village. This building is not yet completed, but it has a small memorial sign in front of it. In Greece mostly used to indicate fatal accidents on roads. Not sure if the two are related in this case.

On the left side there is a small bay with a beach. A small gravely path leads up to it. A few days later they organized it and put up some beach chairs and parasols.


Next up along the road are some fields where locals are growing some fruits and vegetables. Some small houses and supermarkets.
Each house looking better then the other.


We are in the low season, and because of the economic difficulties of the country, tourism dropped for this island. Because of this you could see sites like this:

Restaurants or bars not opened yet, or still preparing for the later high season. Others are making the best of it and are open, in expectation of the various tourists (like us) that did show up.

Now we left the major part of the town behind us. Next up is an intersection, which eventually leads up higher in the mountains to the caves where the Pythagoras lived. A famous philosopher and mathematician. Not long after it was time for me to turn around and head back.

Ofcourse I couldn’t stop with taking a selfie at the turn around point.

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