The past few months have been quiet around me. I completed Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, my main goal for this season. Sadly I sustained a hamstring injury during the event. The few months that followed consisted mainly of swimming, easy cycling, and running short distances, low pace. December offered some relief. As me and The Girl headed out to New Zealand for 4.5 weeks. All holiday!

We would travel around in a small campervan, crossing both islands. Below is our planned route, and our campervan




Today was the first day I ran since weeks. We did do a lot of hiking through cities and national parks, but I didn’t go out on a run. We just crossed the cook strait with the interislander ferry and Nelson would be our first stop.

At the reception of the motorhome park I picked up a map with hikes in the area. The closest by was the Nelson Airport walkaround. Getting there and around totaled to around 10K, perfect for a nice run to see how my legs would hold up.

After I memorized the map on how to get there, I was off. A few k’s into the run I arrived at the airfield, but no hiking trail to be seen. I came across a local runner and asked him. With his directions I managed to find it, and it was clear to me why I ran passed it. As this is what it looked like:

The first part was mainly on a small path shoved between a fence and bushes. But further on you were out in the open, as on one side there was the airfield. On the other a golf course.

The run turned out to be quite warm. There was barely any wind, despite the airfield being an open area. But with all the distractions around it was manageable. Below is the sign showing airport security has some sense of humour.


Around 75% of the lap I was forced to stop. The following picture says it all:

A plane was approaching. But within a few minutes I was off again. The last part was a bit confusing, as all the airfields access roads were crossing, but eventually I was on my way home again.

Overall it was quite a success. Time to lit up the BBQ and relax!

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