Since the return from New Zealand the training is picked up again. Coming March I would participate in a half marathon together with my dad.

The past couple of months he has been focussing on trail running. As a preparation for next week, he invited me over to run a trail. It would be around 16K through a forest, about a 20 minutes drive from here.

So early sunday morning I got ready en picked him up. We were in luck, as it promised to be a really good day. Even though it is early march, temperatures would rise to somewhere between 15-20 degrees.

As the weather was good, the forests were crowded. Lots of families going for a walk, cyclists on their Sunday morning ride, and motorbikes going for a spin. We were lucky to snatch the last parking spot. We grabbed our nutrition, and were ready to go.



The first K’s were easy to get into a rhythm. We were aiming for a 5.30 min/km pace. The track was easy. Later on the car wide track would turn into a single track. At some points we ran into sand drifts/heathland, which we would be running along.


About halfway we would have to cross the highway so the track converted to a paved path.

Shortly we were into the heathlands again. If you look at the picture below, conditions were perfect for a run!

The last few K’s was all single track again. As I was messing around with the camera, I missed one of the roots and went down flat. Luckily me and the camera survived as proven by the pictures.

Here is the final stretch of single tracks

We ended up running about 18K in 1.40 hours. Not to bad for an easy Sunday run. Despite the crowds at the parking lots (about 2-3 cars were waiting for spots to open up), we barely encountered people during our run. We drove back to my dad’s place. In typical trail run fashion, we enjoyed a nice cold beer in the sun, before I went home.

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