A couple of weeks ago my dad asked me to join him on running the half marathon in Harderwijk. Last week we prepared for it with a 18K trailrun, as you can read over here. The start was a very convenient 14.00, so we had all the time go get ready. As the company of The Girl sponsored the event, she handled all our registration and packet pickup. The only thing left for us to do was warm up, and run a half marathon.

Unlike last week, it was COLD. With cold I mean 4 degrees, and an even colder wind. For us it would be ok as we were running. But respect to all the volunteers keeping the course safe.

We slowly gathered towards the starting area. Lot’s of people were warming up, and the 5K & 10K were just finishing. At 14.00 exactly, the race started.

We were somewhere halfway the pack, so it took about 15 seconds before we started. Around 9K’s into the race, a colleague of me was watching as he lives close by. Always nice to have support along the line.

The Girl and The Girl from my dad were watching, but as it would be a two lap course, they were smart enough to head inside and have a nice hot chocolate. Their timing was spot on to see us coming through to start lap 2.


As you can tell, we were not in a happy place. The 2nd half of the lap was a full headwind, really hurting your legs. The tailwind part of a lap was mainly in urban area’s, breaking up the wind. But we soldiered on.

The time we set up front was 5.30 min/km, but as soon as we started, that was out of the window, and stuck to a ~5.10 min/km. Which went pretty well!

Lap two was more of the same. We picked up a nice group. Somewhere around K marker 16 one of them fell, hitting me, but I could maintain my pace. But as he took the group with him, we dropped them.

The last few K’s were horrible. We pushed through even though our muscles really started hurting because of the cold headwind.

The finish line was in the city centre, close to where we started. The only annoying thing: the last K were cobblestones. Not the best surface to run on when your muscles are exhausted.


But we made it! Both finished in around 1.49. Not too bad this early in the season. When finished we received a cup of warm soup and a bag with flyers, energy drinks, and apple and a finishers towel. We met up with The Girls and went for a drink in a bar close by, before going home for a nice warm shower.

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