This eastern weekend me and The Girl went for a short trip to the UK, to visit her cousin. She and her family migrated there last december, so it was time to pay them a visit.

The day started rather cold and windy, but the afternoon cleared up. Good time for a run. It was actually The Cousin’s husband that opted I would go for a run, and he would tag along on his bike.

As they live in a small village there was barely any traffic.


The next village was a bit strange for several reasons.

Whether it was their street naming


Or the traditional english phonebooth wich was turned into a book sharing office. Just drop off books you don’t need, and pick books you would like to read.


Or the white llama’s we came across. That’s right, llamas…In case someone shouts: a picture or it didn’t happen:

Thats why bringing a camera along for your runs never hurt. Strange thing was that they were actually staring at us, as we were the ones out of place in south-east England….Shortly after we left the village behind and it was back to the rolling terrain. The second picture shows how steep some hills are.


From here on out we looped back to the road we came from. So to top off with a nice view from the place we started.

Overall it was a great run. Temperature and weather were good. The loop was about 12K, completed in just over an hour. Enjoy the weekend!

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