My triathlon club organized their annual 1/8th distance triathlon. Called the “Pareltriathlon”. Every year I try to participate, as it is a fun, low entry local race with a lot of friends.

On the morning of raceday it was a short and easy ride towards transition. Registration is also done there, quick and easy.

Transition is a gravel parking lot, so I setup my bike without shoes, so I can safely walk to the asphalt road.

The race is pretty straightforward. The swim is a out and back canal. Position is key here, as the canal is not that wide. I was on the second row, but quickly found a gap and managed to swim my own pace.

Swimming went great! After 8.30 minutes I entered transition area. Transition was a bit slower as I had to put on my cycling shoes. Then run a short bit towards the road, carrying my bike to prevent a puncture on the gravel. So around 2 minutes in T1 I started on my bike ride.

The bikecourse is straight. In fact it is a giant T shape, and consist of 2 laps. so the 20km has 4 90 degree corners and 5 180 degree turns. Truth be told, my cornering is crap. The straights I am fine to push through. The downside of a course like this, is the 180 degree turns. Because the speed drops down to a minimum, the pack slides together and causes a lot more drafting.

A bit over 40 minutes and the biking was done. Transition went smooth, just under a minute and onto the run. The run course is a small lap, partially concrete bike path, partially dirt roads.We had to do 3 laps.

The run is more my area of expertise. I overtook some people quite quickly. The run wasn’t that special. The final lap I saw a few more guys to focus on. Time to push a bit harder and managed to overtake them on the final straight towards the finish.

My times:

Swim: 8:31 min
T1: 2:13 min
Bike: 41:48 min
T2: 0:48 min
Run: 22:55

Total: 1:16:18


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