At the end of the season I was still unsure regarding next year. Basically it would come down to:

  1. Stop with triathlon and focus more on my family. After all, I became a father in october 2015.
  2. Continue the way I am training for triathlon now and stick to short distance
  3. Ramp up the training, hire a coach, and go for my personal goal. Finishing a full distance race.

I gave this a lot of thought, and had a lot of conversations with The Girl on what I should do. She was quite clear about it. If I want to go for a full distance race, now would be the time to do it. It would become a lot harder when he grows older. So, it was decided!

Next season’s main goal:

IRONMAN Maastricht 2017!!!

From past experiences I knew I couldn’t do this all by myself. I would need a coach which has experience and knows how to motivate me throughout the year. After checking with friends from the club, and googeling for coaches. I ended up at Edosports (

I heard good stories about them. Although a bit pricier then I was hoping for, I contacted them for an introduction.

At the start of september I had a first meeting with my coach to be: Sarissa de Vries. A pro athlete, and multiple time national champion. She finished second and 4th in Ironman Maastricht.

Her site:

Here is a short video as introduction of her racing the very race I want to compete in!

She will create a training schedule for every week and post it to training peaks. I would simply have to follow the training, upload it to training peaks and supply to comments on how the training went, how I felt etc.

Exciting times to come!


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