As of september I am training using the training plan created by my coach. Things are going well. Focus during the winter period was mostly on increasing speed, using interval sessions, for both running and cycling.

The team from the coach is orgazing a training camp in may/june. I thought long about it and had a lot of talks with The Girl, but as you can guess by today’s title. I could go!

It did mean a 12 hour solo drive through the south of France, but with a short stop every 3 hours or so, not a problem at all.

You would think women can pack a lot of stuff for a holiday, but don’t count out triathletes. Normal bags with cloths, a lot of them sport attire ofcourse. Bike, Transition bag with all my triathlon related gear, I brought 2 wetsuits (1 old, 1 new, not tested yet), Bike etc. My car was packed (I drive a Volvo V40).

So on the 20th of may I got up really early. Said goodbye to The Girl and my son, and off I was! Embrun here I come! The drive there was fine, it actually went quite fast. The final 100km seemed to take ages, as it consisted of small mountain roads. I feared I had to spent some time looking for the campsite we stayed at, because my navigation didn’t know it, but I found it quite easily.

We stayed at an appartment that is part of the campsite. Turned out the owners are good friends of Edo (our coach), and one of them was actually joining the training camp all week, but often they both tagged along.

Upon arrival it turns out I was last to arrive, The others were already watching the Giro d’italia. After getting acquinted, it was time to check out the place we stayed and unpack our stuff.

Here is our appartment:

Bedroom I slept, together with 1 other guy. (Mine is the one first on the left)

Outside view of the restaurant. (appartment is a bit to the right, behind the trees):

Before the trip, I ordered a new speedsuit. But it didn’t arrive yet. The Coach was kind enough to bring it along:

Definitly would have to try it out this week!.
But, as we came here to train, we couldn’t just sit down and have dinner. So we changed clothes for a small run. Felt good after such a long drive.

It was a nice easy run around the nearby artifical lake:

However, I had problems with my HR monitor.

Hopefully it won’t be bugging me for the remainder of the week.

After the run, we had a nice dinner at the restaurant. The week was basically all in. Breakfast and Dinner at the restaurant, and for lunch we would receive a nice package to take with us if needed.

We went to bed early, as the drive here was exhausting, and we still had a long week ahead.

The place we stayed at during the week:
La Vieille Ferme

The location is awesome! Easy to reach, and within minutes cycling you are in the mountains. (Also good for winter sports). Nice lake to be able to swim year round, The village is also host to the legendary Embrunman full distance triathlon.

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