Another busy day in the Edosports training camp. As usual it was an early wakeup for a nice before breakfast swim session. We gathered our gear and took the short walk towards plan d’eau. The first entered the water and one thing became quite obvious…it was COLD. If you weren’t fully awake yet, you were now. As this artifical lake is fed water from the durance river, which contains meltwater from the mountains. But with our wetsuit on, it was quite nice.

The swim was nice and easy. A small loop around the lake, totaling in 2km in roughly 45 minutes.

During breakfast we discussed the remainder of the day. One thing became quite apperent, our bike skills could use some brushing up. Especially someone’s cornering skills…no clue who’s that would be…

So we went to a nearby parking lot, and did some exercises.

First, a small loop was created to practice cornering, both clockwise and counterclockwise. To increase our speed, we turned it into a game. If you are in last position at the end of the lap, you are out. Starting off in reverse order, based on bike skills/bike handling. Which ofcourse meant I had to start in the lead position….I was passed in the second to last lap, but mainly because its difficult to overtake in such a short loop.

Me in action during the cornering:

This was at the start of the exercises, you can tell how much there needs to be improved…

Next, We did another small exercise. Pylons were shaped  like a +. One on each end, and one in the center. The goal: ride around the center pylon without exiting the loop. After each session, the loopsize was decreased. Up to the point where you had to practice your surplace skills to be able to make it. I had a slight disadvantage, as I was the only one that brought a TT bike. Yet, I managed to clear pretty much all loops!

After this it was time for a nice recovery ride. Nothing major, but nice rolling terrain.

At the back you can see the lake we rode around yesterday.

The decent back to the campsite was quite nice and a bit steeper. Later I heard the campsite organizes a Time Trial…uphill. It appears to be quite brutal, but sadly it wasn’t this week.

Back “home” it was time for a nice lunch! In the afternoon we had another run on the program. The course would be roughly the Embrunman course. As it seemed like a nice loop, and as someone was actually targeting that race, it was the senible thing to do. The thing they didn’t tell, is that both the bike, and the run of the embrunman course start with a sheer uphill. So the first part was quite intense. Up to a point where you would think just walking would be just as quick as trying to run it…

Running through Embrun city was nice. You could see how it was build up against the mountains later in the loop as well:

For the last part we followed the durance river, to finally lap around plan d’eau. The embrunman does the same thing, as transition is at plan d’eau.

The durance river:
And a scenic view of plan d’eau

That concludes day 3! Tomorrow we head into the mountains to conquer the Col de Vars, a 1st or hors category rating mountain in the Tour de France!.

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