The “Gear I use” list


As people often ask me what kind of gear they need to do a triathlon or what kind of gear I use. Therefore I decided I would create a list of all my gear. For convenience, I separated it by sport.

Tri-suit – Sugoi RPM (black/white)
ID – Road ID Ankle ID. As I often do workouts on my own (bike or run), I always wear this. It contains my personal information, phone numbers to call in case of an emergency, and my blood type.
Garmin Forerunner 310XT – Review by Ray Maker says it all.
Championship Chip – I got this after my first event. You can hire it and turn it in, or keep it and pay the price. Then it will be registered to your name, and you can use it for all your future events. Often you get to keep the Chip strap as well. Be sure to check which timing mechanism is used to see if your chip is eligible.
Reflective SafetyBand – Band I wear around my arm to increase my visibility, as it reflects and had red LED’s.

Speedo Swim Shorts – My swim shorts look similar to this. I primarily use these indoors.
Swim cap – I bought only one, the cheapest I could find. The only reason being to wear it while swimming outside. As you start doing races, caps naturally accumulate in all colours you can imagine.
Swim Goggles – Speedo swim goggles, but most will do, as long as they fit well. Even used one from the Lost & Found section for a while, after I lost mine.
Pull Buoy – For different technique exercises
Wet suit – My wetsuit is from Orca (I couldn’t find the actual model anymore).
Kickboard – Kickboard used for various technique exercises.

Cannondale Slice 2011 – Mine is red/white with almost the same configuration as on the link.
Bottle cages – Just behind my saddle is a double bottle cage. I also strapped a small pack to it, containing a tire repair kit.
Pedals – Look pedal system
Helmet – No aero helmet for me. First I need to improve my bike before I will even consider buying an aero helmet.
Shoes –  Using the motto: Beautiful silver isn’t ugly
TACX Flow – My first trainer, without the multiplayer or VR modes. I simply put on a movie and go. Don’t waste your money on things like sweat covers, training mats and the like. Simply use a towel and clean your bike every now and then.

New Balance running shoes – New Balance 1080v3. After testing several shoes in the store, these fit like a glove. Loving them. I had Saucony shoes before, but they stopped shipping to the Netherlands.
Race belt – To attach my bib too. Also has some elastics to stuff gels in. Last sprint race I snapped one of the elastics, so on the lookout for a new one.
Bottle Belt – Mine is similar to this, containing around 600ml of fluid. Also has an zip pocket to put things like your keys, mobile phone or gels.
TightsTights for the bit colder days.
Shirts – Basically if I wear any, I often wear a finisher shirt over my tri-suit. Just like swimcaps, these accumulate naturally as you do more events.
Long-sleeve shirt – Shirt that can be used under jackets, but I primarily use it over my tri-suit on a bit colder days. I might add more as temperature keeps dropping.
Socks – Any type of running socks will do. I tend to use low socks.

Core Workouts
Exercise Ball
– Ball to use for core stability exercises.
Exercise Mat – Explains itself I would say.

Any questions or recommendations are always welcome.

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