Race Report: Pareltriathlon 2013


First of all: Today is my birthday! What better way to celebrate then with a triathlon? Indeed, that is what I did. In several ways it was a copy of last year. I gathered my gear and got on my bike to ride to registration/transition to set things up.

There are several differences to note compared to last year:
– The weather was great. nice temperature, bit cloudy, no extreme wind conditions.
– The swim has changed. Instead of a point to point race, they made it into a small loop. Now we started under a bridge, swim around a buoy 250 mtrs away, get back, under the bridge, and make a wide right turn (around 2 more buoys) to exit into T1.
– The bike leg was changed, but now weeks before the race, this had a major impact on the race. This race is a sprint distance, normally being: 500mtr swim, 20km bike, and a 5k run. However, due to construction on the route from last year, we were forced to ride in the other direction. Because of this, the route extended from 20, to 30 km. This was annoying for me, as the bike is my worst part.

With that out of the way, back to preparation. Transition was on a parking area, bigger then last year. However, this was not paved. They placed several construction plates to cover this up and make running barefoot easier, however, these get really slippery when they get  wet, and only extended from the swim into T1. Not from T1 to the bike mounting line. This meant running with your shoes, instead of having them attached to your pedals.

Everything was set, and we gathered under the bridge from the finish start. Up till this point there was still no sign of my supporters, so no pictures up till this point. My swim went great. I managed to swim in a gap between several people.
Below you see me at the end of the swim, just before entering T1

Transition wasn’t so great. Like I always do I instantly grabbed my cap and goggles, and pulled them inside my wetsuit’s sleeve. Because this event had to electronic timing mechanism, officials failed to identify me (as my cap with my number was already in my sleeve), therefore my swim time results in: 0.00. Next to this, I had issues with my racebelt. It got stuck behind something, and when I pulled through, one of the two strings holding my bib snapped off.

While running out of T1 I saw my time: 11.45. As I got on the bike mounting line I and was about to set off, the leading woman got on her bike as well, losing her water bottles in the process. Someone from the crowd was kind enough to pick it up, and run to her to hand it over. The bad part of this? While doing so the kind man ran straight in front of my wheel at the moment I set off, with my feet just clicked tight to my pedals. I managed to evade him and ride into the grassy side of the road. After which the man quickly recovered and pushed me onto speed to chase the women’s leader.

Here is a picture just after this occurred, and I am still messing with my pedals. The women on the left is the women’s leader.


My bike went good. I got passed by some, and passed some. Overall I am satisfied, but I do know I still have ways to improve this. Just under an hour I completed the 30K. Unlike T1, T2 went great. As the few people next to me in transition didn’t show up at all, I had lots of space to stash my bike. Before I knew it, I was off, flying.

The run course was a shorter version of last year, just more laps. The setting was still the same, partially paved, partially grass. I passed quite some people during the run, although there was no way to tell if they were in the same lap, or a lap before/behind me. All I knew was that I was sailing through.
A short video of me coming through to enter lap 2.

Overall I was really satisfied with the race. Improvement over all the disciplines. Even through I have only been working with my new trainer for a few months, it is already paying off!.
My times and rank:
Swim: 11.45
Bike: 58.30
Run: 0:24:37
Total: 1:34:52

Overall rank: 25/61

See you next time!

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