Belgium: Genval Runaround


A few weeks ago me and “The Girl” decided we would go away for a weekend. The choice fell on a nice hotel just southeast of Brussels, Belgium, in a small town called “Genval”, as you could have guessed by the title of this post.

Today that weekend arrived. It promised to be a long day. First off, I still had to work. Quickly after I got home I got packing, being a guy and only a single weekend, this was done in no-time :) Before we knew it, we were off!

Normally, the trip would take around 2.5 hours, but we expected some minor delays, as we would drive through rush hour. We were lucky, and with a minor traffic jam we entered Belgium. This was the point where our luck ran out. Around 15 km’s before we would arrive at the hotel, we struck on a traffic jam. This seemed to be a bad one, but, our navigation simply guided us around it, to eventually decide to direct us back to the same highway we just left. At this point, we got passed by about 6-7 (undercover) police cars, and a few ambulances. While literally crawling, several more police cars passed us. It turned out a big accident occurred, right at the off ramp we had to use. In the end it would take use 2.5 hours to cover the last 12 km’s. Walking to our hotel would’ve been faster.

When we arrived at the hotel, we forgot all about this, as we had a new priority: food! Because of the delay, we missed the dinner schedule, so we went with a perfect sandwich, and a nice glass of wine. Let the weekend begin!

Next morning we woke up, with this astonishing view:


Our hotel was on the top of the hill, with the main part of the hotel on a more busier street, right down at the lake. Here we would grab a nice breakfast. Below you can see the hotel from across the lake.


After breakfast it was time for my workout. A lap around the lake turns out to be about 2.5 km’s. The Girl has some running experience, but due to injuries this was a long time ago. But, she joined in on the run, we both ran our own pace. I started off with two easy laps, while The Girl went with some lessons from Evy Gruyaert. The next picture shows “The Girl” on the first lap. Lapping her would proof to be a big challenge.

My third lap I went with a higher pace, also because she just finished her second lap, and I didn’t want to make her wait in the colder temperature. Afterwards it was time to turn on the relax mode for the remainder of the weekend. Not before I took some pictures of our hotel:

Included in our trip was a spa, located in the lower part of the hotel. It was quite small, but perfect to recover from the run. That evening we would have a luxurious dinner in the restaurant. Due to a mistake from the hotel, our dinner got upgraded from 4 courses excluding wine, to 5 courses including wine. Perfect! Normally, the more expensive the restaurant, the smaller the dishes, not in this case. We were STUFFED.

The next day would be our final day. We had to leave the room before 11 AM. So we gathered our bags and put them in the car, had breakfast and checked out. BUT, as we knew how to get into the spa from the day before, we knew we didn’t need the room card to enter the spa. So we enjoyed the spa some more, before taking off. Ending a (almost) perfect weekend!test

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